Merchant Accounts

Whether you’re launching an online retail store or a bookstore, you’ll need to set up a merchant account. A merchant account is an account allowing businesses to accept payments through debit or credit cards. Merchant accounts serve as a link between a retailer, merchant bank and payment processor in a credit and debit card transaction. Merchant accounts mainly require the bank’s agreement with the business of the customers and also works with the third party processor for various financial payments.

Today, most of the credit card transactions are done electronically to merchant processing banks in order to get authorization, capture and deposit. Credit card information can be read in a number of ways during a purchase or sale. Some systems function by reading the entire magnetic strip through a credit card reader, computer chip reader, or manually entering the credit card information in a terminal or website.

Advantages of a Good Merchant Account

Having a merchant account offers several benefits. For example, online customers are provided with variety of payment options. Most of these are flexible with respect to the customer’s requirements. This means that a payment is not dependent on credit or debit card anymore and other types of payments can be accepted. Thus with many ways of accepting payments, the customer base can be doubled or tripled within months.

Secondly, security on the Internet is one of the prime factors which people look for while making any purchases online. Reliable Internet merchant accounts will always help in providing clients with adequate online security. This will not only stay with the people who use them, the positive feedback will reach others and will start to increase the customer base.

Most of all, merchant accounts will enable you to keep a close eye over the financial details of your business. You can instantly pull up your monthly statements online as a merchant service provider. So, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights trying to figure out your financials manually.

Choosing the Right Merchant Account for Your Business

If you have a website or you’re in the process of having one built, finding a good merchant account is imperative. Many web design companies like Flying Cow Design will not only build an attractive website, they will also help you set up a merchant account. Flying Cow Design has joined forces with PowerPay to provide their clients with reliable payment processing services. Getting started is hassle-free. There are no long-term contracts to worry about. Website owners don’t have to worry about cancellation fees. You can authorize and manage credit card and e-check payments directly through your website. You can even authorize payments by telephone, fax, face-to-face or through a Virtual Terminal for mail. is also a great merchant to use for online payment transactions. With Flying Cow Design’s merchant account integration service, you can easily conduct online transactions safely. They offer advanced fraud prevention, 24 hour customer support and they even have a verified merchant seal you can place on your website. They also provide Mobile point-of-sale (POS) solutions. So, whether you’re at a trade show, at a hotel or at the office, you can accept credit card payments from anywhere. Merchants who have a Smartphone or PDA can easily connect to a payment gateway to submit and authorize payments online from anywhere.

The merchant you choose can make or break your business. Make sure you research before making a final decision on the merchant provider you want to choose. Another good thing about having a merchant account is that you don’t have to spend a fortune. There are a variety of plans available to fit any budget.

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