e-Commerce catalog management services

e-Commerce Catalog Management Services

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To have a successful online store, you must have consistent catalog management in place. A well-designed and managed online product catalog is easier to maintain, update, and have visibility for all website visitors. You can add each product, along with detailed information.Launching an e-commerce store and building an online reputation can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to managing products on the Internet. For e-commerce websites that were built without proper catalog management or database, this challenge can be almost insurmountable.

e-Commerce Catalog
Management Challenges

Without a well-designed catalog management system, managing the catalog of your e-commerce site would require a team to keep up with it and maintain all the data. Getting this information mixed up is easy. When you sell products across multiple sales channels such as Amazon and eBay, updating information can be difficult. You must maintain the format required by each sales channel. Certain sales channels require you to have manufacturers information readily available for consumers who want it. This information needs its own format and attributes.

Why e-Commerce Catalog
Management is Important

First and foremost, catalog management is essential to your customers. Customers who shop online, want to know the product they purchase is exactly like the description you have provided. If you provide a partial description, you will likely lose that customer to a competitor. The following important factors will help your e-commerce business to be successful.

Creating rich and consistent product information. Regardless of which sales channel your customers land on, they will receive the same product data and images. Be consistent with all attributes and spellings.

Creating an omnichannel experience across sales channels. Customers should be able to move from one channel to another without losing information; generating a positive omnichannel experience for customers.

Inventory management. A good catalog management system integrates with most inventory management systems. This information can provide your customers real-time visibility into which products are out of stock and have a low inventory. It can also help you reorder in time.

Keeping your business growing. When you have a solid product catalog management in place, you can manage your business easier. Keeping your products and categories organized allows you to easily expand and add related products without a lot of extra work.

Improving e-Commerce
Catalog Management

Having a central database for your products makes it easier to manage. Most businesses use their own platform or a Product Information Management (PIM) application or simply Excel.

Managing e-commerce platform. When you have a small number of products to sell, managing them on your own e-commerce platform is easy. However, this does create problems when you try to expand your product line. The smaller e-commerce platforms make PIM nearly impossible.

Managing catalog in Excel. When selling across multiple channels, Excel makes it easier to manage products for smaller merchants. However, larger merchants will find they are not benefiting from using Excel. This is in large part due to detailed product information which is gained by using a personal information manager (PIM) application.

Managing PIM application. Using a PIM application, you can make updates and automatically upload them to your multiple sales channels with ease. You will have all the tools available for proper formatting and consistent product information.

Features of our catalog management systems

With our catalog management design, integration and management services, you can quickly gain an advantage over your competition. Our e-commerce catalog management services are tailored to fit your company.

We provide you with customizable pricing and several product alternatives. You can even accept coupons and customize them. You will have real-time order tracking and customizable shipping calculation along with:

  • Complete control of online store through any web browser
  • Simple product browsing through main and subcategories
  • SSL secured order processing
  • Data backup for added security
  • Easy web administration
  • Virtual shopping cart
  • Real-time shipping
  • Real-time credit
  • Easy tax calculation
  • Product search engine
  • Product groupings for simple product promotions
  • Related products exhibited for the shopper with a single click
  • Multiple packages within an order easily traceable
  • Simple web-based product adding/editing
  • Automated inventory control
  • Automated email order confirmation
  • Real-time recalculation of the product price

Custom features to give your e-commerce business an edge:

Your e-Commerce store cannot be successful if you are not competitive. Develop a strategy for monitoring competitor’s prices on a daily or weekly basis. Then, you can raise or lower your prices accordingly.

Product data and information needs to be correct and complete. Partial product information will only leave visitors frustrated and looking for an e-Commerce website with better information. All product information should be displayed in the same format; customers will know exactly where to look on each product page.

Uploading bulk quantities of products can save time and money. The catalog management service you choose should have extensive knowledge in multiple platforms such as Magento, Google Product Search, Amazon, and eBay.

You should have a designated team to writing efficient and clear product descriptions. Descriptions should be detailed and include manufacturer information. The team should understand how to rewrite the manufactures description without leaving out pertinent details. When very little information is available on products, your team should know how to research the information needed.

No customer likes to see a poor-quality image. You need a skilled designer to create and re-create product images that stand out. Provide 3D imaging when available to for more detailed products.

An e-Commerce catalog management team can enter all the time-consuming information on products, such as price, features, brands, manufacturers, and SKU numbers. With prices consistently changing, your products will need updated quite often.

All product descriptions, including meta tags, should be organized and oriented for SEO management. Search engines will crawl your product descriptions and the entire online store and decide where your store ranks.


Catalog management is designed to make your business more profitable and allows you to keep track of your online store a lot easier. Most of all, it is intended to give users a smooth online shopping experience.

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