Automatic Tax Calculations

Automatic Tax Calculations

automatic-tax-calculations-300x200 Automatic Tax CalculationsWhen you are setting up your online ecommerce shopping cart, there is a very important feature you’ll want to attain. Website tax calculators are invaluable assets when shipping your small business’ products out to your customers. There are a variety of ways to use and manage tax calculators.

The easiest and most proficient way to obtain a website tax calculator is to use an online shopping cart or store front that comes with a tax calculator as a feature. Keep in mind that these websites are going to charge you a decent monthly fee if you want a fully functioning shopping cart. If you don’t mind paying a monthly fee for a feature-packed web based shopping cart, you will be very happy with having a tax calculator included with your website.

If you take the time to research website tax collectors as an added feature to shopping cart packages, you might realize that there are packages that offer options for you and the user. Some websites allow the user to add their state and use the calculator on their own. Other sites allow you as the webmaster to set the rates for the calculator.

It’s obvious if you live in New York City, you’ll want to charge the appropriate amount so you don’t lose profit. Nonetheless, the best and most user friendly (for you and the customer) way to use website tax calculators are through a fully functioning ecommerce shopping cart.

The only other option there would be in regards of obtaining a website tax calculator is to make an HTML or PHP program yourself. This requires a bit of advanced programming knowledge and I think your best bet would be to research on web based shopping cart. Now there are some software programs that you can download to calculate taxes for your company’s merchandise, but again, why would you download a separate program if you can attain this feature?

A software program is best for commercial shipping from factories and warehouses, but if you are going to use a website, using a web based tax calculator is the best choice for you. Remember to do your research and compare fees and features before you rush out and look for an online shopping cart that includes a website tax calculator. Take your time to weigh your options, talk to tech support, and compare companies with logic. Website tax calculators are amazing resources for any ecommerce business professional.

Here are a few features of website tax calculation, they include the following:

1) Tax mode
This will figure out which tax rate is taken for calculating taxes. This is either the tax rate of a client’s shipping address location or the country tax rate. It can even be the tax rate of the vendor/store location or in EU Mode. It doesn’t matter where the products are shipped to.

2) Virtual Tax
This figures out whether products with ‘0’ weight are taxed or non-tax. This feature is only used in Ship To Address based Tax Mode.

3) Multiple Tax Rates
If you have items with different tax rates, for example, clothes and books, it enables multiple tax rates.

4) Discount Prior to Tax Shipping
This feature will deduct the discount for a chosen payment ‘before’ or ‘after’ tax and shipping.

Here are a few features that will make life a lot easier:

  • Setup and forget
  • Automatic process
  • Generally calculate sales tax for shipments within state (or not at all).
  • Update and manage screens when tax rates change
  • Automatically added to an order
  • Variety of ways to calculate taxes
  • Available in shopping cart ecommerce solutions for free

Many web design companies provide website tax calculation. The key to finding a good web designer is to conduct thorough research. Make sure you choose a company that has experience with website tax calculation. Before choosing a company, make sure you ask them for live samples of sites that they have created with this sort of technology.

For instance, companies like Flying Cow Design provides a variety of web design services including website tax calculation integration. In fact, they have designed websites that include all of the features and benefits mentioned above.

When you have tax calculation technology installed on your ecommerce website, it will save you a considerable amount of time. Website tax calculators will also save you from a bundle of grief during tax time!

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