Automatic Shipping Calculations

Automatic Shipping Calculations

automatic-shipping-calculations-300x240 Automatic Shipping CalculationsFor Website Shipping Calculations is a Good Idea

Trying to determine shipping costs online can seem like an intimidating and time consuming task; nonetheless, if you understand how it works, it can be very simple and take just a few seconds. When shipping large pieces and products, it is a good idea to know what carrier you’re going to use before you start thinking about calculating the shipping costs.

If you use mainstream mail and shipping carriers, go straight to their website and look for a link that offers you a “shipping calculator”. Be sure to use the carrier’s website if applicable in case they use different rates than other companies. If you want to have an estimate before you even begin to pack your item, there are free shipping calculators you can use as well.

With free shipping calculators you can estimate how much your product is going to cost depending on the packaging you use. In that regard, you can think ahead and tediously weigh and calculate until you find a weight you can afford, but once you find that weight, it’s important to consult your carrier’s website to find out the verdict of your shipping cost. Free shipping calculators are only going to estimate how much it will cost to send an item based on average shipping costs of most carriers.

Creating a Shipping Calculator for your Shopping Cart

If you want to create an option where your small business customers can calculate how much it will cost to have you ship your product to them, it may be a bit trickier. Some shipping calculator options require you to know a small amount of coding like HTML. Even if you have to copy and paste a code onto your shopping cart webpage, it may be difficult to find where to paste that code!

But don’t fear there are shopping cart/ecommerce providers who include shipping calculators in their options. So, when you are looking for the right ecommerce store front or shopping cart to sell your products with, make sure it includes a shipping calculator option, so your customers can easily anticipate costs when ordering from your company. It will save you many arguments and headaches in the long run.

For the most part, there are several easy options to choose from when shipping products to friends or customers. Make sure you do a satisfying search and wade through your options when using online shipping calculators of any kind, because we all know information varies. It’s best to make the right choice by researching and sticking with what companies you are familiar with, and what options you know are a necessity to complete your task.

Although there are many options available on the Internet for website shipping calculations, it can be a bit cumbersome. If you want a web shipping calculator installed on your website, it is highly suggested that you hire the services of a professional web developer. Web Development Companies like Flying Cow Design can help integrate website shipping calculations within your website. One of the advantages of hiring a professional web developer is that it saves you a considerable amount of money. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a fortune to add shipping calculators to your website.

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