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enterprise-web-design-300x196 Enterprise Web Design ServicesModern enterprises need more than an informative internet site. A competitive marketplace, evolving audience personas, and digital convergence have resulted in a transformation in the solutions required for businesses to grow their digital footprint.

An interactive and responsive website is the first of many needs that can include custom web applications, mobile apps, and more. Effective marketing is necessary to achieve success online as well as having a trusted partner that can become an extension of the business and provide a one-stop solution to all the online presence needs of growing businesses.

The needs of a large enterprise can be significantly different from those of a small business. At Flying Cow Design, we have the experience of working for both SMB and enterprise clients across industries and are sensitive to the different needs and demands of growing businesses.

End-to-end enterprise level solution capabilities:

Below are 15 reasons that make Flying Cow Design the right partner for businesses looking for an integrated solution for all their web presence management needs:

enterprise-web-design-process Enterprise Web Design ServicesWe follow the 5-D process for our web development projects:

Discover: This is all about you – the client. During this phase, we try and understand your needs, challenges, audience personas, automation and information gaps, technical needs, your customers’ expectations, your competition, market dynamics and more.

Detail: This is when the solution-stack gets detailed. From website functionality to mobile needs and marketing challenges, we define the solutions need to propel your business to the next level.

Design: Starting with pencil sketches to wireframes and real-world modeling, the solutions defined in the detail stage get designed.

Develop: During this phase, engineering best practices meet good design in developing your solutions. We are agile and iterative and understand the needs of developing the minimum viable product (MVP) first.

Deploy: The Go-live phase includes testing, quality checks, compliance with best practices along with the implementation of the solutions identified for you and taking them live.

This is a proven web development methodology that has contributed to the success of all our enterprise clients.

design-dna-1-300x85 Enterprise Web Design ServicesFlying Cow Design has a DNA of graphic design, brand identity development, and marketing communications. This origin gives us a strong foundation in design sensitivity, user experience and user interface (UX/UI) design, website usability and effective communication.

Our philosophy of putting your customers at the center of all our solutions means every service has a customer-eccentric approach that has a better chance of driving success and growth.

global-web-design-company-300x148 Enterprise Web Design Services

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are a global company with offices, teams, and clients in multiple cities across the globe.

This global footprint provides many benefits like seamless testing, user geo simulation, market insights from around the world. Nearly 24/7 operations, on-location support for multi-national enterprises in cities where we have a presence, access to the best designers, developers and marketing expertise from around the world regardless of their location and cost benefits of a large-scale operation.

cross-industry-experience-300x149 Enterprise Web Design ServicesUnlike many agencies that specialize in designing web sites for specific industries, we believe our experience across small and large clients from a variety of industries makes for better solutions for all our clients.

We have worked with customers in the defense and aerospace industries, education, legal, architecture and real estate, medicine and life sciences, hospitality and of course information technology. This diverse experience has helped us build sensitivities to the unique needs of audiences for different markets and these insights help us provide solutions that stand apart from other web design firms.

cms-platform-choice Enterprise Web Design ServicesWe have the experience and expertise of creating winning websites using just about every content management system (CMS).

Each CMS platform has its unique strengths. The choice of the platform should be driven by the functionality and purpose of the website. We have worked with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Majento, Virtuemart and more. Our web development team understands the strengths and limitations of each of these solutions and can identify the platform that will best suit the needs of the solution we develop for you.

advanced-functionality-300x170 Enterprise Web Design ServicesOur CMS driven websites -- regardless of platform -- offer a multitude of plugin extensions to choose from to provide the necessary functionality for your enterprise. Our platform experts, we will advise which CMS system is efficient and effective for your business needs.

We can customize any e-learning, e-commerce, membership, social media or other modules for you; or create new stand-alone custom modules without interfering with platform upgrade paths. Having these features would also allow us to connect and share data with third-party systems via APIs (Advanced Programming Interfaces).

scalable-website-design-300x171 Enterprise Web Design ServicesEnterprise websites need to be built to handle large spikes in traffic and data. Clean code married with a good hosting provider can make sure that a scalable platform for complex, high-traffic deployments is easily obtained.

Our website development team can do both and leave you with no worries when your traffic and online market grows.

responsive-enterprise-web-design-300x166 Enterprise Web Design ServicesWith mobile devices in the hands of nearly all consumers, it is essential to have a responsive web design for your enterprise. Our web development team will create a mobile web design to fit your enterprise that is easy for customers to use and navigate.

Regardless of what device your site is accessed on, the resolution and features will automatically adjust for your visitor. We can provide this as an add-on to your enterprise website or as a stand-alone mobile web design.

marketing-automation-1-205x300 Enterprise Web Design ServicesThe larger the scale of operation, the harder it becomes to manage efficiencies without automation. Just some of the needs of marketing at scale include:

  • Tracking activity of prospect sand leads

  • Measurement and insights from user behavior

  • Email marketing, re targeting, drip campaigns and nurture campaigns with segmentation

  • Behavioral,social media targeting and re targeting

  • Analytics, reporting, and prioritization based on ROI measurement

Our websites are designed to integrate seamlessly with most marketing automation systems, and we can develop the integration modules to customize the functionality to your needs.

custom-development-300x149 Enterprise Web Design ServicesInnovation needs an innovative partner. For many organizations, translating an innovative vision into an online solution is not as simple as integrating an existing extension or widget.

We have helped a number of our enterprise clients translate their vision into innovative online solutions by developing custom web applications, mobile web applications, web databases, leveraging cloud computing and solutions for the internet while keeping the cost of innovation ROI positive.

custom-integration-services-300x143 Enterprise Web Design ServicesHaving something unique brings with it the challenge of making it work seamlessly with existing technologies.

We have experience in custom integration with a variety of ERP, CRM, compliance, logistics, marketing and other solutions that our clients already have in place.

ease-of-use Enterprise Web Design ServicesAt the end of the day, any solution needs to be easy to use – not just for the visitors to your website, but also for the team that manages it on a day-to-day basis.

All our enterprise websites come with features that ease adoption, access control, user management and multi-level rights management. Some of the usability features we build into all sites include:

  • Multiple users and permission levels

  • Publish content quickly and cleanly in an intuitive, secure, easy to use environment

  • Support registration and login

  • Capabilities management

Version control for page and post content to allow backup/restoring of changed pages, if needed

maintenance-security-300x201 Enterprise Web Design ServicesSupport and training at the end of an enterprise web design project is offered as a standard feature. Beyond the immediate help and support, if there is a need for continued maintenance, back-ups, security monitoring, content updates or feature enhancements, we have teams dedicated to providing web site maintenance and security.

enterprise-hosting-300x173 Enterprise Web Design ServicesWe can keep everything under one roof and host the completed project on the type of enterprise level hosting solution that best suits your needs.

We can offer domain management, SSL servers, hosting solutions from shared to dedicated hosting custom designed to your needs. Our sister business Ballistic Domains is focused on offering a range of domain management, registration, hosting and SSL related services.

internet-marketing-solutions-300x144 Enterprise Web Design ServicesLast but not the least is the need to market your products and services efficiently and at scale. We have dedicated online marketing experts and our range of web presence management services include:

  • Search engine optimization, local SEO, and app store optimization

  • Social media marketing – both organic and paid

  • Pay-per-click advertising and retargeting

  • Creation, optimization and marketing of content assets including blog posts, in-depth articles, video, slides, PDFs (ebooks, whitepapers, case studies) and more

  • Branding and brand marketing

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