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WordPress is recognized as much more than just a blogging CMS. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the most popular content management systems for websites around the world. Known for being user-friendly for all websites, with tons of templates, plugins and features being developed, WordPress has become one of the top CMS platforms for organizations of all sizes.

Five of the top reasons for the popularity of WordPress

  1. Easy to customize
  2. Lots of themes
  3. Supports modern technologies
  4. Constantly developed and updated
  5. One of the most SEO-friendly CMS platforms

It is easy to extend and has plenty of plugins already developed to make your work easy

Reasons to choose WordPress as the CMS for your next website

  • WordPress is easy to customize. Since it is an open-source content management system, it is easy to modify to your needs.
  • Whether you have a seasoned web development team or have no idea of coding, the large number of already developed WordPress themes will simplify the development of your website. You get a head-start by choosing the template that best suits your needs, and the ease of customization allows you to modify it easily to suit your needs.
  • WordPress uses responsive web design (RWD) so consumers can view your website across all devices. A responsive website allows you to have one website that works on all devices with minimal changes needed to give a high-quality experience to your visitors.
  • WordPress is a high-functioning platform which does not reduce performance.
    • It has built in security systems that make it easy to secure your site
    • It is easy to customize websites using widgets and unique page layouts
    • It allows you to structure your content so you can tell search engines what content is importanton your site
    • Easy to integrate social media plugins within your website
    • It supports HTML5 – making it fast and flexible.
  • WordPress is recognized as one of the most search engine friendly CMS platforms around. Besides its SEO features, there are a number of search engine optimization plugins that will give your site a better chance to rank higher in search engines.
  • It is easy to extend and add to the built-in features of WordPress. You can pick from the library of existing free and paid plug-ins that make almost all functionality possible. We can also help develop plugins that facilitate any custom functionality needed for your website.
  • Finally, it is constantly updating with new technologies being incorporated.

WordPress Website Design from Flying Cow Design

The world is steadily growing as should your website. Whether you need a site for personal blogging use or a high-end business website, Flying Cow Design can meet all your requirements. We have the track record of not just building contemporary sites, but also of helping our clients grow their online presence. Here are some of the things that make Flying Cow Design the preferred choicefor your WordPress web design needs.

WordPress Web Design Capabilities

wordpress-web-design-capabilities WordPress Web Design

  • We can provide you with both template-based and custom WordPress design, depending on your budgets and needs
  • All our web sites are responsive and mobile friendly
  • Always upgraded to ensure your website runs on the latest version of WordPress and plugins
  • We can help develop any website – personal blog, B2B informative website, e-commerce website and more
  • We are comfortable working on both enterprise and small business websites

Online Presence Management Capabilities

fcd-web-presence-management WordPress Web Design

  • Our web presence management services include a suite of digital marketing services help you attract customers and grow your business online.
  • If you do not have a website yet, we can help you get your domain name and take care of hosting your website on a state-of-the-art secure server
  • Website security services help protect yourwebsiteis from hackers, viruses and more.
  • Website maintenance services help you keep your site up-to-date, fix problems and errors, add and update content.
  • Website content services ensurethat you get effective marketing copy that delivers results.
  • Our content development services can help you create fresh and informative content in the form of blog posts, articles, slides, videos, PDFs, whitepapers, case studies and more.
  • Search engine optimization helps you grow organic traffic to your website from search engines.
  • SEM / PPC services help you advertise your products and services online.
  • Social media marketing services help you grow your visibility footprint on social media.
  • Email marketing helps you build and manage drip campaigns, customer acquisition campaigns and more.

Why Flying Cow Design ?

success-with-fcd WordPress Web Design

  • Decades of experience as a leading Bay Area web design company
  • A global footprint serving locations around the world.
  • An experienced team comprising of web designers, writers, marketing strategists and online marketing professionals.
  • Decades of experience in WordPress development.
  • Strong track record in brand identity and graphic design.
  • Flexible web design services and packages that the needs of most business owners.
  • Working with us guarantees a high return on investment

Write to us for custom WordPress web design

All of our WordPress projects follow a proven project methodology to ensure your website is a success.

Your dedicated project manager will take you through the process, explaining everything every step of the way. Your WordPress project manager will coordinate with the graphic designers, content writers, developers, SEO specialists, and other experts to ensure your project is finished as quickly as possible.

  • Creating your new website or updating your old website using WordPress Content Management System (CMS) would involve:
  • Discovering what product or services you are offering.
  • Discussing needed changes on any existing website.
  • Determining your target audience and what may influence them.
  • Reviewing competitor websites for functionality.
  • Mapping necessary functionality to existing WordPress modules or developing new ones.
  • Reviewing ‘creative’ WordPress themesyou admire the look and feel of.
  • Discussing comprehensive design and branding direction and goals.
  • Researching your marketing goals and objectives for the new website.
  • Researching keywords for organic SEO.
  • Mapping keywords to website page content and basing site structure around them.

Bring your vision to life using our professional WordPress web designers and development team.

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