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magento-300x266 Magento Web Design ServicesMagento is a seasoned feature-rich, open-source, e-commerce platform that powers over 250,000 online stores worldwide. It has emerged as the most preferred choice of web designers for e-commerce web design.

Being open source means that Magento developers have full access to the code and functionality of the platform. This provides flexibility to change the site’s functionality as needed to suit any business need.

From pre-designed themes to plugins, search engine optimization features, social integration, and more, the Magento platform has it all adding efficiency, speed and affordability to e-commerce development.

Benefits of the Magento e-commerce platform

flexible-cms-221x300 Magento Web Design ServicesMagento is more than just an e-commerce platform. It has a flexible content management system built-in that gives you the flexibility to add custom content to your product pages, manage different page types, and add offers and discounts as needed, manage inventory during high- and low-demand seasons and more. Because Magento was designed keeping the evolving needs of online shoppers and sellers in mind, its features have evolved with online shopping trends.

powerful-architecture-221x300 Magento Web Design ServicesThe Magento platform is powered by a robust architecture that is designed for scale. Whether you have 10 products or millions, the platform can seamlessly support your needs. From a website design and developers’ point of view, a platform designed for e-commerce means a reduction in development time and the flexibility to leverage features that are already pre-designed. The architecture also helps when the site gets a lot of traffic and simultaneous transactions.

scalable-221x300 Magento Web Design ServicesScalability is an invaluable feature for an e-commerce store. A Magento website gives you the flexibility to increase and decrease inventory as needed, add new products with ease, handle large traffic and transaction volumes without any performance impact, create and reuse offers, discounts and promotions.

open-source-221x300 Magento Web Design ServicesBecause it is open source, the platform itself is free for merchants. In addition, there is on-going development of Magento themes, features, functionality, extensions, plugins and more. It also means constant updates and upgrades that allow you to keep your e-commerce website up to date with the latest trends in online shopping experience by adding features and functionality with relative ease and low development costs.

feature-rich-221x300 Magento Web Design ServicesThe Magento e-commerce platform is feature-rich with lots of themes and functionality you can integrate within your website. Whether you are selling services, event tickets, travel packages or products, developing a website for handling transactions online is a breeze. There are built-in features for cross-selling related products, comparing products, creating wish lists, email lists, mall features for creating multiple-vendor stores within an e-commerce site.

mobile-friendly-221x300 Magento Web Design ServicesWith mobile e-commerce on the rise, no online shopping site can ignore the needs of the mobile shopper. Mobile web traffic went past desktop traffic in 2015 and has been on the rise ever since. Magento is designed to be mobile-friendly with the product, shopping cart and check-out experiences tailored to hand-held devices.

extensions-plugins-221x300 Magento Web Design ServicesBecause of a growing community of developers, a large library of Magento extensions for most e-commerce needs already exists. Integrating these free and paid plugins and extensions into your Magento store is seamless and easy.This saves considerable development time on new product features and functionality.

integration-friendly-221x300 Magento Web Design ServicesThe platform can be integrated with most third-party systems with ease -- whether it is integration with an existing point-of-sale (POS) system to incorporate supplier data, a fulfillment solution, CRM system or marketing automation platform for nurture campaigns. For many use cases, custom Magento solutions – both free and paid -- already exist. Others are relatively easy to develop.

magento-seo-221x300 Magento Web Design ServicesMagento has built-in search engine optimization features that make it an SEO friendly e-commerce platform. It has easy social integration features, search-friendly website architecture and URL constructs, customizable features for SEO compliance and more. Advanced SEO features like pagination, multiple color options for the same product, image and video optimization, are also easy.

magento-security-221x300 Magento Web Design ServicesPrivacy and security of personal and credit card information is a growing concern as the menace of hacking and scams increases. Search engines place a premium of website security and penalize sites that are not secure. Magento has advanced encryption and security features built-in. It lets you set internal access restrictions and set up multiple levels of security permissions.

magento-administration-221x300 Magento Web Design ServicesThe admin console within Magento makes website administration and maintenance quite easy. Most content and products can be easily managed by a person without Magento development skills unless there are significant changes. The reporting and analysis features are easy to understand and provide a lot of information that can be crucial to your site’s performance and maintenance.

community-support-221x300 Magento Web Design ServicesWith over 240,000 Magento sites and a growing global community of over 800,000 active Magento developers, community support, guidance, tips and help make the platform a business-critical investment for businesses that rely on the performance of their online store. What’s more, its global footprint means 24/7 support from the community.


Migrating to Magento

If you currently have an older version of a Magento website, upgrading to the newest version is not as simple as the click of a button. Why do you need to upgrade if you are already using Magento? It is because the older Magento websites will become obsolete and lose essential functions that the latest version comes equipped with. As a Magento development company, we have a team of web designers and developers who can make this migration seamless.

For e-commerce business owners who are not happy with their existing solution or looking to revamp their e-commerce store, migrating to Magento e-commerce could be a wise investment. Our team is experienced in Magento website design and can ensure a feature-rich site that meets the demands of an evolving target audience – whether it is local or global.

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