Outsourced SEO vs. In House SEO

outsourced-seo-work-new Outsourced SEO vs. In House SEO

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The SEO industry has been among the fastest growing industries for the past few years. Companies have realized that SEO is the only way to get traffic to your website and continue to grow business even when market situations force you to cut marketing budgets. This has resulted in growing investments in SEO and has also resulted in SEO consulting agencies mushrooming around the world. As companies incorporate SEO into their marketing mix, one of the decisions they are faced with is to take a call on whether to build an in house SEO team or to outsource SEO work to a specialist SEO agency.

There is no right or wrong answer to this dilemma, and the answer often lies in an evaluation of the nature of the work to be done, in house SEO talent, bandwidth to handle all the work needed to be done and the cost of building a team vs. fees charged by the SEO agencies. This article explores the pros and cons of outsourcing SEO work vs. investing in an building a team to do the SEO work in house.

Advantages of In House SEO

Limitations of In House SEO

  • Having your SEO team in house means that the team knows the business and the market better than an outsourced SEO agency and this means that the SEO efforts can be — at least in theory — better aligned to the overall marketing plans.
  • With an in house SEO team, you have full control over the SEO strategies and their execution. Discussions, course corrections and decision making can become seamless with an in house team since the team is co-located with the rest of the organization.
  • An in house team also means complete focus on your website’s SEO. An outsourced agency would be working on multiple SEO projects whereas an in house team would be dedicated to working on the SEO of only your website.
  • Depending on the size of your site, the competitiveness of the market and the caliber of SEOs you hire, an in house team can sometimes be less expensive than outsourcing SEO.
  • Changing search engine algorithms requires SEOs to always be on top of changes. With an in house team, unless you invest in constant learning, the knowledge can soon get outdated.
  • SEO calls for a lot of analysis and manual work. With an in house team, it can be quite time consuming to keep up with industry trends and implement them on your site.
  • There is also a threat of business pressures and pulls requiring the team to focus on other activities from time to time instead of focusing on only SEO efforts.
  • Analysis, tracking and campaign management can require a number of tools — some of which can be quite expensive. You need to make these investments with in house SEO.
  • SEO involves technical aspects, content, linking and user experience elements. The in house team you build for SEO needs to be equally competent on all aspects of SEO.
  • Limited exposure can mean that the SEO expertise of your in house team determines how good or bad your site’s SEO is.


Advantages of Outsourcing SEO work

Limitations of Outsourcing SEO

  • When you outsource SEO work, you get all the accumulated experience and skill of the SEO agency’s team.
  • Since the agency’s team does only SEO and isn’t distracted by other business marketing needs, it can stay abreast with changes in search engine algorithms. This means the strategies they bring to the table can be far more aligned with the changing SEO landscape.
  • The SEO agency’s experience in working with a number of clients can be an advantage. The learning, knowledge and experience of working with different situations can being more SEO insights to your SEO campaign.
  • With an outsourced SEO agency, you are liberated of the time and money needed to build, maintain, train and retain a highly skilled in house team.
  • An outsourced SEO team will be insulated from the internal pressures and pulls and will not be distracted by the other marketing pressures. They will be focused on the SEO of your site and this means that your SEO work will not be affected by in house dynamics and demands.
  • Outsourcing allows you to scale the efforts up and down without having to spend the time and effort in hiring new team members.
  • With outsourced SEO services, you get a team to work on your project without the associated overhead costs of hiring, space, infrastructure, etc.
  • With a team working on your project, there is a good chance of results being achieved sooner than it would be possible with an in house team.
  • The focus of an outsourced SEO team would be on the SEO of your website, whereas your in house team can focus on the larger marketing needs and other demands of building the business.
  • An outsourced SEO team is a real cost that you need to incur while the campaign is active. This can prove to be costlier than doing the SEO yourself. You need to evaluate and decide whether you and your team should be spending time on the SEO of your site or focus on other aspects of the business while an outsourced team of specialists focus on SEO.
  • Since the agency you outsource SEO to would also be working on other SEO projects, there is a threat of getting less attention. You need to monitor the work done by the agency and be involved in the project to mitigate this threat.
  • Not all SEO agencies are scrupulous about practicing white hat SEO. You need to make sure that your SEO partner has the business ethics to ensure no compromise on the SEO for your website.


Should you outsource SEO work?

Whether or not you should outsource SEO is a business decision you need to take. You need to weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing vs. building, training and maintaining an in house team. For large enterprises with multiple ventures and scale of operation, building an in house team can sometimes be the more practical solution. For most small and medium size organizations, outsourcing SEO needs is usually the more cost effective solution. The right partner can get you the services of a team for the cost of just one in-house team member.

Outsourced SEO Services from Flying Cow Design

When you work with an online marketing firm for the SEO of your website, it is important that your partner understands search engine guidelines and avoids back hat SEO techniques that can hurt your website in the long run. Flying Cow Design has been helping clients build a strong online presence through our design and online marketing services. When you need a website that will improve your online presence through white hat SEO, talk to us about our internet marketing services.

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