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landing-page-optimization Landing Page Optimization

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page, also called LP, is the page that a user or customer first ‘lands’ on while visiting your website. Typically, when people search for products or services that your website offers, search engines show the page that they deem to be the most relevant to the keyword used. When searchers click on the search results displayed, they enter your website from that page making it the landing page. In other words, every page on your website can be considered the landing page depending on the customer’s search.

During ‘Pay-Per-Click’ (PPC) and email marketing campaigns, you can define which page a visitor should land on when they click on a link instead of relying on search engines to determine the most relevant page. This makes landing pages and optimization on that page particularly important for PPC and email marketing.

Since the landing page is the first page that a visitor lands on, it is the page that forms the customer’s first impression and often determines the interaction with your website or company. A landing page that resonates with the visitor will encourage engagement, and make visitors stay on your site longer.

Landing page optimization and its importance

It is challenging to make customers click your link and even more so to make them stay on your website, visit multiple pages, or convert them. The average conversion ratio is 5 out of every 100 customers for optimized landing pages.

If a customer lands on a page that is not well optimized, it is a lost opportunity and a futile advertising expense without the desired outcome. Refining or optimizing these pages can encourage positive actions leading to higher conversion.

Depending on your business, a positive action can include any or all of the following: transacting, creating an account, subscribing, submitting a query, clicking on an advertisement, etc. Landing page optimization or conversion optimization can achieve these results for you.

The elements on the landing page should be tested to figure out the design, layout, and content that results in maximum eyeballs and conversions. Most visitors look for websites/web pages that possess the features below:

  1. The website is fast, efficient and precise
  2. Is attractive and engaging to the visitor to remain on the page
  3. It meets the need of the visitor as per their expectations
  4. Credibility and reliability of the product, service or company
  5. Testimonials of other converted and satisfied customers

How to Optimize Landing Pages?

Below are pointers on how to do landing page or conversion optimization:

  1. The page should be easy to navigate to enhance the user experience. Avoid excess information, pictures, and poor layout to reduce clutter and maintain customer conversion.
  2. Ensure conversion coupling which is the bond that is present between the source of a click and the landing experience. Make sure to maintain consistency in the copy of your ad to the headline on the landing page. Similarly using the design on the display or banner ad and repeating it on the landing page.
  3. Context is one of the most important elements on the landing page. You need to establish the context by connecting the visitor from where they originated to the purpose of the page, followed by a personal message where necessary. Context of use is the next important step which involves providing a visual demonstration of the product or service.
  4. Call to Action should be prominent and clear to evoke an immediate reaction. Avoid incongruent words such as “spam,” “gimmicks” as they are detrimental to conversion.
  5. Landing pages need user-friendly forms to collect the required information and influence people. A good lead generative form should have a crisp introductory headline, description of benefits on completion, call-to-action, closing trust statements and links. Long, tedious and open-ended forms can lead to user abandonment.
  6. Customers coming through the online channel are quick at analyzing and scanning important or relevant information. Using bullet points and writing a stellar copy on the landing page can help improve understanding, convey the message faster and more efficiently.
  7. Images can communicate better than words and often easier to “like” and share especially on social media. People are more receptive to images, and complementary or contrasting colors can be appealing to the eye and assist in the decision making.
  8. Maintaining white space in the design of the landing page can create a positive effect on the prospect’s attention span towards your offer and uses, leading to conversions.
  9. Relevant and pertinent information of the landing page should be visible on the page rather than having to scroll down. Users usually do not scroll down unless they are motivated enough to do so.
  10. Know your customer, demographics, personas, buying behaviors and craft a marketing copy on the landing page that speaks to them at all levels.
  11. Create a sense of urgency by using words such as ‘limited supply,’ ‘few days left,’ ‘click now,’ and so on.
  12. Use customer testimonials, statistics to create trustworthiness. Adding the faces of happy customers along with the names and basic information can instill confidence and reassurance.
  13. Add social media share buttons as this is popularly ranked higher in Google and these buttons on the top of the landing page will make it visible and generate interest.
  14. Display all your contact information, social network links and maps as this makes you more accessible and friendly. Using trust symbols such as logos of companies you have worked with or those that users are familiar with can reduce hesitation and aid in conversion.

Advantages of Landing Page Optimization

  1. Landing pages help increase the conversion rates as the ‘attention ratio’ goes down.
  2. A well-designed landing page can help capture, maintain and focus your visitor’s attention.
  3. Stronger connections with advertisements or search links to an optimized landing page to ensure that visitors know they are in the right place and convert.
  4. An optimized landing page allows the right context to be present for your visitors. Context is one of the most powerful ways to create a personal experience that converts your visitors into customers.
  5. Landing pages showcase images/photos of the exact offering. For example; a product being used to show its context of use or demonstration of a service.
  6. Lead generating landing pages usually have forms as an individual unit with typically six elements that provide the entire picture around your offering.
  7. Landing pages contain compelling headlines and actionable CTA that inspires visitors to click. This is essential to the success of your campaigns, and you should focus on creating these type of headlines.
  8. Multiples CTAs can be placed in a landing page as long as the page goal remains the same for each.
  9. An optimized landing page focuses on providing an experience to your visitor where design is more than just the visual treatment of your landing page. Persuasive design can be more advantageous than writing or information. The primary objective is to focus attention on the goal of your page.
  10. Landing pages are a gateway to seek a second conversion on your confirmation pages.

The above information is an insight into landing pages, their optimization and how it is beneficial to your business. Though technology is advancing rapidly and there is no hard and fast rule on how to grow your online presence, start with a few of these tips to increase your landing page optimization. Also, take the opportunity to test your campaigns. If you need more help and structured guidance experts at Flying Cow Design can help.

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