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Pay Per Click Advertising

internet-marketing-1-300x182 Internet Marketing MethodPPC is a technique used primarily by search engines and part of an Internet Marketing Campaign. Pay per click advertisements usually are small text ads positioned in close proximity to search results. When a search engine user performs a search based on a keyword or phrase, the advertisers advertisement relating to the search is brought up as well. They are usually termed ‘Sponsored Links’. When a web site visitor clicks on the advertisement, the advertiser gets charged a small fee. As the advertisers listing is generally in a more prominent position on the search results page, than the organic (free) search results, this technique is sometimes called ‘ Pay for Placement‘. The fee charged is known as the ‘Cost Per Click’(CPC).

Banner Advertising
Is another form of Internet Marketing and is a translation of a traditional advertising banner into the world wide web. They tend to be fairly wide and filled with highly animated flashing graphics and text, often accompanied by sound. They are normally created using Macromedia Flash or by using animated GIFs and link back to the advertisers web page when clicked. Their overuse however has led to a reduction in their effectiveness. Web Users these days have learned to scan over the banners, searching for the content they desire without really ‘seeing’ the banners. This effect is called Banner Blindness.

Email Marketing
Is a type of direct marketing used to convert old customers to new customers, or to inform existing customers of a new service or product. Even if the email is purely informational, this can be a clever and inexpensive way to build brand loyalty. A company must be careful that they do not step over the ethical bounds of email marketing. If they send too many emails and the recipients have no prior business relationship with the advertiser, then it could be viewed as email spam.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Relies heavily on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. The whole idea about Internet Marketing is to build traffic, but not just any traffic. The traffic has to be relevant to what the Advertiser is selling. Search Engine Marketing uses Search Engine Optimization to optimize key pages (or all pages) on your website so that they rank more highly in search engine results. The higher they are, the more likely they will be clicked on. The more likely they are clicked on, the more likely you will make the sale.

Blog (Web Log) Marketing
Can be a double edged sword. It will be up to you to decide if its worth it. For blogs to be successful they must be updated regularly. Regular updates are loved by Search Engines especially Google and can give you far better page rankings. Trouble is that the regular updating of your blog can take a lot of your time. Blogs can be;

  • Good for establishing yourself as an expert.
  • Good for building customer or media relations with personalized detail.
  • Less formal and structured which can be a good or bad thing.
  • Good for validating or discarding a new product or service before a lot of time is spent manufacturing or marketing it. Tell your blog readers about it and gauge the level of interest. See how many links to that blog are generated.
  • Good for making you or your company accessible. Much thought has to be given on who will be blogging for you as that persons views will tend to be taken as the views of you and your company. If you allow participation and feedback, you must also decide if it should be moderated and to what degree.
  • Seen as a waste of readers time and a lack of your credibility if scope and a defined purpose is not thought out carefully and decided from the outset.
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