Tips on Creating a Winning Logo Design

logo-design-tips-300x239 Tips on Creating a Winning Logo DesignThe purpose of having a logo is not to show off one’s graphic design ability or to flaunt the latest logo design trends. The overall purpose of a logo is for people to remember who you are as a company and a brand.

Contrary to amateur belief, people do judge a logo by it’s design. First impressions really do matter. In order to create a winning logo, it must be memorable and unique. Here are a few logo design tips to live by:

Make your logo unique

Your logo design should stand out among your competition. People should have no problem distinguishing your logo from other logo designs within your industry.
According to the latest in logo design news, experts suggest avoiding logo fads and trends. A well designed logo is timeless. Notice how top companies like BMW have a classic modern look.

Experts also warn against copying other company’s logo design. When you copy another company’s logo, you’re not only risking getting sued but in a subtle way, you’re telling the world that you don’t have a brand identity.

If you want to impress your target audience with your logo, having a unique logo design will make a great first impression.

A logo should be adaptable

Your logo design should be flexible and adapt to any situation. In other words, a logo should look great on a website, business card, brochure, magazine ad, etc.
Another important thing is to make sure your logo looks good small. The text on your logo should be easy to read large or small sized.

Keep your logo simple

The latest logo design news revealed that large corporations tend to stick with basic fonts such as Times New Romans, Helvetica and Arial. In addition, the majority of Fortune 500 logos use less than three colors and fonts. Statistics show that using too many colors and fonts can spoil an image and make it less retain-able.
A logo design is more than just a mark. It represents your brand and it helps in establishing trust in the mind of the consumer.

This logo design news piece was written by Flying Cow Design. Flying Cow Design is a leading web design company offering a myriad of web solutions ranging from logo design to web development.

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