Exciting New Branding Servicess for 2011-2012 Wedding Invitations

Many graphic designers are breaking the rules when it comes to creating wedding invitations. Brides from around the world no longer have to settle for the traditional white invitations.

According to the latest graphic design news, The Wedding Channel has announced a few new graphic design trends for wedding invitations. Here are a few of the latest wedding invitation trends for 2011-2012:

Something Bold – Something Bright

One non-traditional wedding invitation trend includes bright bold colors such as red, blue and yellow. These are excellent color choices for a spring or summer brides who want to break tradition.

Bold Branding Servicess

Brides don’t have to play it safe any longer. The latest trends include bold graphic prints on the invitations. This is perfect if your wedding theme has a retro feel to it. Graphic images include thick circles, vertical lines and even spiral shapes.

Vintage Wedding Design

This type of invitation includes subtle and romantic floral prints. This comes in muted and faded colors. It features beautiful garden roses and vines that wrap around the edge of the invitation.

Square Shaped Invitations

Traditional wedding invitations came in a vertical rectangular shape. Today’s bride is opting for square shaped wedding invitations.

Bubble Fonts

If you’re having an informal outdoor wedding ceremony at home, bubble fonts adds a retro look while still maintaining a contemporary style.

Hand-Painted Invitations

If you want a custom look and feel to your wedding, the custom hand-painted wedding invitations is a popular choice. This will really impress your wedding guest.

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