Adobe Illustrator Review – Adobe Illustrator CS5 for Branding Servicesers

Adobe Illustrator CS5 is the favorite choice among many professional graphic designers globally. This graphic design software offers advanced features such as artistic natural brushes, stylish drawing tools and much more. Read this Adobe Illustrator Review…

If you are a seasoned graphic designer, you know that branding separates an individual or company from the competition. It takes a skilled graphic designer with the right kind of software to create a winning brand image. Here is a short Adobe Illustrator review.

ilustracs5 Adobe Illustrator Review – Adobe Illustrator CS5 for Branding Servicesers

Adobe Illustrator CS5 offers an assortment of ‘must have’ brand imaging features for creating logo designs, custom packaging, advertising and much more. With this graphic design software, you can create innovative website designs, web pages and banner ads.

According to the latest graphic design news, Adobe Illustrator CS5 allows you to create motion paths for animation and you can design artwork for station IDs, broadcast graphics, bumpers and titles. This user-friendly software enables you to create unique vector artwork for practically any graphic design project.

In addition, this graphic design software has live integration with Adobe CS live online services — this comes in very handy.

What’s included in Adobe Illustrator CS5?

  • Drawing enhancements
  • Resolution-independent effects
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Bristle Brush
  • Beautiful Strokes
  • Shape Builder tool
  • Roundtrip editing with Flash Catalyst
  • Integration with Adobe CS Review
  • Multiple artboard enhancements
  • Clean graphics for the web
  • Crisp graphics and mobile devices

The good thing about Adobe graphic design software is that you can download a free 30-day trial to test out the software. You can also upgrade and purchase the software at your convenience during the trial period over the Internet.

According to a graphic design expert, if you are new to graphic design and need high-end graphic designs for your business, it is highly-recommended that you hire a professional.

A professional graphic designer will create eye-catching images that will make a good first impression for your target audience.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 can be purchased directly from the Adobe website. If you use the free trial, there is a sign-up page that pulls up every time you launch the software. You can upgrade directly from the sign-up page.

This article was written by Flying Cow Design. Flying Cow Design provides graphic design, logo design, flash design, SEO and much more. To find out the latest graphic design news, visit today!

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