4 Effective Logo Design Tips

When creating a logo design for a business, there are few mistakes that should be avoided. One small graphic design mistake can have a negative effect on a brand.

Creating a professional looking logo design is more of a challenge to create compared to other graphic images. Unlike a graphic design image for an online banner ad, a logo design represents a company’s overall brand. The following are four helpful graphic design tips every entrepreneur should follow:

1. Avoid using more than three fonts. Many amateur graphic designers commit the deadly sin of using more than three fonts on a logo. A logo with more than three fonts not only looks unprofessional, it can cause confusion.

According to logo design news experts, a logo should have a lasting impression on a target audience. You can only accomplish this effect when a logo design has a clean and professional look.

The general rule in creating a logo is to use one font for the company’s name and one for the slogan. Then you may use a different font for the logo’s text. This will make the logo design look more professional.

2. Make it Readable. Top logo designers featured in logo design news articles stress the importance of making a logo readable. If a logo design doesn’t appear readable, a company’s message or slogan will get lost. Experts advise keeping a logo design simple as possible. You can still create an eye-catching logo design while using a simplistic style.

3. Pictures & logos don’t mix. Often times, many entrepreneurs will use a photo and try to throw up a catchy slogan and pass it off as a logo. Adding pictures with a logo design has no branding value. A professional logo has a variety of symbols that compliments the theme of a business.

4. Avoid using logo fads. There are many logo fads out there that come and go. If you want a logo that people will immediately recognize, you will need a logo that stands the test of time. Notice how Fortune 500 Companies like Amazon and AT&T have logo designs that have a classic look and feel regardless of the year. Whether the year is 2002 or 2011, these top companies will always have an innovative looking logo design.

Every business (small and large) should have a classic looking logo design. The key to having a great logo design is to avoid fads. In order to have a fresh, modern-looking logo, aim for something simple yet artistic.

To get great logo design ideas, entrepreneurs are advised to research companies within their industry and compare logo designs. Then contact a skilled logo designer to help create a powerful logo design image.

This logo design news article was written by Flying Cow Design, a web design and graphic design firm. They specialize in corporate web design and graphic design services. To find out more logo design news, visit: FlyingCowDesign.com.

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