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New York Times backs Talia for President in 2044

  Whether it is being appointed National Youth President by UNICEF or getting the backing of New York Times for President in 2044, accolades for Talia Leman’s continuing effort to make a difference keep flowing. Talia founded RandomKid, a worldwide non-profit to support causes around the world and the website, recently designed and launched by Flying Cow Design will help her connect with millions of children who share her vision around the world. Below is an extract from New York Times citing support for Talia as President in 2044! Talia for President – The New York Times For those of you who don’t happen to be named Barack, change in the next four years might seem a spectator sport. In the aftermath of a campaign, it’s natural to think that the agenda now is in the hands of our newly elected leaders, and that the agents of change will be government officials in Washington. Yet the best proof that you don’t need a White House pass to accomplish change comes from youthful social entrepreneurs around the country. Too naïve to realize that they are powerless, these kids are flexing remarkable muscle. If your image of a philanthropist is a stout, gray geezer, then meet Talia Leman, an eighth grader in Iowa who loves soccer and swimming, and whose favorite subject is science. I’m supporting her for president in 2044. Peter BrownCEO, Flying Cow Design Attended University of Auckland Lives in San Francisco Bay Area

Worldwide non-profit, RandomKid stands for “Giving”

For Talia Leman, the founder of a worldwide non-profit – Radomkid, “Giving” was the main ingredient of success. The spirit of giving continues to grow for Talia and for RandomKid, through its website, recently designed and launched by Flying Cow Design. The website will now connect children and adults from around the world in a worldwide effort at giving to those in need. Below is an excerpt from the USA Today feature on Talia Leman and RandomKid. A new breed of kids tries altruism on for size – USA Today By Jessica Durando, USA TODAY Talia Leman did not climb the corporate ladder like many other CEOs. For the 13-year-old, who co-founded a worldwide non-profit called RandomKid, her recipe for success involved one main ingredient: giving. “It’s my fuel, it’s my energy, it’s my power drink. I love it,” Talia says. “I just think when you see the impact you’re making, it is incredible to see.” Peter BrownCEO, Flying Cow Design Attended University of Auckland Lives in San Francisco Bay Area

You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Sings Talia Leman

At the age of 10, Talia Leman collected donations for Hurricane Katrina survivors, through Halloween trick-or-treat, dressed as a Quarter. She wanted to help and she wanted to let the survivors of Katrina know, “You’ve got a friend in me”. She joined hands with UNICEF in an effort to raise funds and was named the UNICEF National Youth Ambassador for 2005. This newscast, aired years ago, rings true even to this day as Talia continues her efforts to help others through her website, designed and developed by Flying Cow Design. You’ve Got a Friend in Me – 90.9 wbur Peter BrownCEO, Flying Cow Design Attended University of Auckland Lives in San Francisco Bay Area

Talia Leman National Youth Ambassador of UNICEF

When a 10-year used Halloween trick-or-treat as a fund raiser for Katrina victims, it became an inspiration, not just for the kids around the world, but for grown-ups as well. So much so, that UNICEF named Talia Leman as its National Youth Ambassador for the year 2005. Now 17, Talia continues her efforts to help those in need through her website RandomKid, recently designed and launched by Flying Cow Design. Below is a news excerpt from, where Talia was featured. American Morning – VERJEE: Our weekly “Extra Effort” segment pays tribute to those going the extra mile to help others. Now, this morning it’s 10-year- old Talia Leman from Iowa. She basically got a jump on Halloween with a trick-or-treat fund-raiser for Katrina victims. In fact, UNICEF has named her its national youth ambassador for 2005. And she is our guest this morning. Wow! That’s pretty good. Are you excited? TALIA LEMAN, UNICEF NATIONAL YOUTH AMBASSADOR: Yes. VERJEE: That’s amazing. How did you come up with this idea? LEMAN: Well, I really wanted to help out. And, well, I figured if I didn’t do it, well, how do you know that someone else is going do it? Peter BrownCEO, Flying Cow Design Attended University of Auckland Lives in San Francisco Bay Area

RandomKid Works to Get Water to Children of African Villages

RandomKid has been working to ensure children in villages of rural Africa get clean water. By selling bottled water in the cities of USA, students have been raising funds to ensure children in the villages of rural Africa get good, clean, healthy water. Death of children from bad water is five times more common than death by AIDS. Trevor Field of Roundabout Outdoor has invented a merry-go-round powered water pump that would pump water as children play. Children in the US managed to raise funds to install one such pump in just six months — giving a whole new meaning to child power. RandomKid is a non-profit founded by Talia Leman, a teen philanthropic who has been using child power for making a difference from the tender age of 10. Now, with, designed by Flying Cow Design, RandomKid can connect to children from around the world for charitable causes. Peter BrownCEO, Flying Cow Design Attended University of Auckland Lives in San Francisco Bay Area

Leading Atlanta Law Firm gets a New Web Presence

MENLO PARK, CA — December 10, 2012 — Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon LLP, a leading Atlanta based law firm recently launched their redesigned website with a new look web presence designed by Flying Cow Design. Their new website is designed to address the changing legal needs and connect with a growing web-savvy audience. The law firm is among the leading law firms in Atlanta, specializing in the fields of Labor and Employment, Domestic Legal needs, Commercial and Civil Litigation, Insurance and Defense, Real Estate, Trust, Wills and Estates. With the changing social dynamics and legal needs, Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon LLP recognized the importance of having their website communicate their expertise better to a growing audience online. Having a website that merely listed their areas of specialization was no longer enough and the law firm needed to build a web presence that would not only reflect their expertise but also engage their visitors with useful information and legal insight through a number of sections on their new website including Employer Training, Mediation, Legal Alerts, Legal Glossary and more. Understanding the changing and growing legal needs of an increasingly web friendly audience base, Flying Cow Design, a leading web design company recently redesigned and launched the new look website for the law firm. Talking to the media, Lauren Armstrong of Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon LLP said, “I had a terrific experience working with FCD to create our Firm’s website! Laura and Peter were always quick to respond to my questions and were easy to communicate with. I do not have a technical background, so having Laura “hold my hand” through the process and teach me how to make my own changes to the website once it was completed was invaluable! Cheers to Flying Cow Design!” “The legal landscape is rapidly changing and so are people’s legal needs. For a leading law firm, having a website that recognizes and addresses these needs is critically important. For us, bridging this gap and establishing connections with an audience that could benefit from the services of Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon LLP, was an enjoyable challenge in web design and communication. We are proud to have been the designers of their new web presence”, said Peter Brown, CEO of Flying Cow Design, a leading Atlanta Web Design firm. ABOUT FLYING COW DESIGN Flying Cow Design Studio is a private web design services company with a presence …

New Web Presence for Emergency Veterinary Hospital

MENLO PARK, CA — January 20, 2013 — Emergency Veterinary Hospital / Animal Urgent Care recently launched their new website, designed and developed by Flying Cow Design, a leading web design firm. Based in Menlo Park California, Flying Cow Design has worked with hospitals and other medical establishments over the years developing not just websites but helping their clients in the medical industry build a strong web presence. The changing medical and pet care needs have redefined the online needs for veterinary hospitals around the world. Emergency Veterinary Hospital recognized that it was no longer enough for a veterinary hospital to have a website that had dated, sketchy information about the hospital. Responding to the changing veterinary care needs of a growing web audience concerned about the medical care for their pets, Emergency Veterinary Hospital’s new website promises a lot. The website is rich in informative content about their veterinarians, referring veterinarians, newsletters, FAQs, and more. Talking to the media, John Anderson of Emergency Veterinary Hospital/Animal Urgent Care said, “Laura, Peter and the entire staff at Flying Cow Design have truly been a pleasure to work with during the design of our new website. Projects of this nature can truly be intimidating to undertake, especially when one has very little experience in the area, and they were always patient, professional, accommodating, but most importantly they made the process an enjoyable one. Thank you again for your great work on our new site!!!!!” “Animal care seldom gets the attention and visibility it deserves. While animals are the best of companions, friends and support system for people, when it comes to animal care, there seems to be a silent assumption that things would somehow happen automatically. We believe that every bit of visibility that the Emergency Veterinary Hospital can get would only help them continue and further the great work they have been doing in providing high quality animal care. For us at Flying Cow Design, it was not just another web design project, but a project that we identified with. It was both a matter of pride and pleasure working with the Emergency Veterinary Hospital”, said Peter Brown, CEO of Flying Cow Design, a leading Medical Website Design firm. ABOUT FLYING COW DESIGN Flying Cow Design Studio is a custom web design services company with a presence across multiple metros of USA. Flying Cow Design has grown through the dot com …

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