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Google In-Page Analytics

Google In-Page Analysis is a new feature from Google Analytics that allows you to assess how the visitors to your website interact with each page on y…

How much should SEO cost?

SEO costs vary from the dirt cheap so called “SEO Expertise” offered by freelancers and small time SEO agencies on the one hand, and tens of thousands…

Outsourced SEO vs. In House SEO

SEO outsourcing is growing rapidly as an industry. Should you outsource SEO or consider in house SEO? Why should you outsource SEO work? This article explains the pros and cons of in house vs. outsourced SEO services.

Landing Page Optimization

What is a Landing Page A landing page is the page in your website that a visitor first lands on while visiting your site. Not all visitors enter your…

Link Building SEO Myths

Link building has been central to the SEO efforts of any website. However, so-called SEO experts and misinformation has given birth to plenty of myths about link building best practices. Even after Google Penguin, the myths about link building have only grown instead of reducing.

Meta Tag Optimization

For a search engine, the meta tags of a page provide a snapshot of the page content and are useful not just in determining where your website ranks in…

Mobile Content Marketing Strategy

We all have heard of mobile web design, and content marketing. These two words just seem to be on the tip of many tongues today in the online world. T…

Press Releases and SEO

Being in the news has always had far better impact on any brand than advertising. The same continues to be true in the online marketing space as well….

Role of SEO in Web Design

In a competitive environment having a website is no longer enough. What businesses need today is a growing online presence that is only possible by co…

When Should You Start SEO?

It is really never too late to start SEO for your site. While SEO efforts should never really stop, SEO is perhaps the only internet marketing channel…

Tips for Choosing an SEO Company

The world of internet marketing is a fast changing one. Especially with SEO, growing competition and changing search engine algorithms have made it an…

White Hat Link Building Tips

There are plenty of articles about white hat link building tips that will tell you abou the kind of websites you should get links from, the kind of we…

What is White Hat SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the practice of using specific strategies and techniques to rank a given webpage higher in online search en…

Search Engine Marketing Services

All entrepreneurs who are website owners have one thing in common and that is gaining a certain amount of contacts or sales. When people launch a website, they usually go to sleep at night dreaming about gaining a lot of visitors

Organic Search Services

If you have never heard the popular phrase Organic Search or you just never gave it the time of day, you will find that it can be quite beneficial in marketing your website. And no, it has nothing to do with the eco-friendliness of your office environment at work.

Web Banner Design

Utilizing web banner advertisement on your website or blog is an excellent way of motivating potential clients to purchase your products or services. Over the past few years, commercial advertising has emerged…

What is FPS?

A: FPS stands for Frames Per Second. An easier way to know what does FPS mean is by reducing the acronym to its base term

What is swf?

A:If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, what is SWF? Then all you have to do is look at your own computer to find out.

What is FLV?

A:What does FLV stand for? Flavor of the month? Florida Vacation? Flavor Fave? Fly Virgin Airlines? How about Flash Video

How to Design a Logo?

A logo is the graphic symbol that gives your company, website, organization or product instant recognition by your target audience or client base.

How to Make an Impressive Company Logo

Learning how to make a company logo for your business is one of the most underrated but highly important facets of promoting a business. A lot of people fail

Logo Design Prices

The cost of doing business includes promoting the goods and services offered. In most cases, businesses have a fixed budget for advertising expenses, including logo design prices.

How to Find a Logo Designer

A well designed company logo can play a huge role in the success of a business. Making a great impression is essential, so it is best to know how to find a logo designer…

What is a Design Brief?

Anyone who has hired a graphic designer may have wondered what is a design brief and why their designer insisted on one. A design brief is a vital part of the development process

How to Write a Design Brief?

Learning how to write a design brief in an effective manner will increase the chances of a successful outcome for a graphic design project.

What is Branding Services?

Have you ever wondered exactly what is graphic design or whether it is the career for you? According to the U.S.

How Graphic Design Relates to Branding Services

Branding Services is the art of visual communication that combines words, ideas and images to express information to people. A graphic designer arranges elements on various types of media

Top Computers For Graphic Designers

Just like a band, every professional graphic designer needs the right equipment. The top computers are helping designers create high-end designs a lot faster and easier. Read the entire article to know about the top graphic design computers.

Tips for finding a graphic designer

Finding a graphic designer is easier than ever before. Entrepreneurs have several options to choose from when hiring a designer. However, there are a few important tips to follow before making a final decision.

What is an IP Address?

A:Whenever you check your emails, there is information within the header or footer of the email form regarding an IP address

What is Linux Hosting?

A: If you are wondering what is the definition of Linux Hosting, it is a type of web hosting using

What is SSL?

A:If you’ve found yourself asking what is SSL or you don’t think you need one, then we’d like to introduce you to a hypothetical

Wildcard SSL Certificates

A:If you’re looking to protect your website and secure unlimited sub domains for your online use, then it’s time to look into a Wildcard SSL certificate

What is FTP?

A: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a client program for transferring files from one computer to another computer.

What does .Com Stand For?

A:Whenever you check your emails, there is information within the header or footer of the email form regarding an IP address

Domain Names Explained

What is a Domain Name – Domain Names Explained Imagine a telephone directory. You look up your name to find your phone number. You call the phone num…

Choosing a Domain Name

Domain Name Search If you need help in finding the right domain name for you, we can help. Also choosing the best domain name for you…

SSL Certificate Installation Services

Secure Web Transactions : SSL Certificates. Ever been worried about credit card transactions on your website sending the money to the right place (yo…

Domain Names Branding

Domain Names: Internet Branding Considerations Branding Internet Keywords. Though having an internet searched keyword or two in your domain name may…

Hosting Plans

Flying Cow Design provides premium Linux and Windows hosting services through its subsidiary. Each Ballistic Hosting plan com..

Merchants Accounts

Merchant Accounts : What is a merchant account or payment gateway? Do you want to collect payments online automatically and have the funds deposited …

Email Harvesting Protection Services

We have covered email spam protection, and what you should do to protect yourself against it, and we have had a humorous story of what would happen if…

Email Accounts

How email works and fixing email problems All Flying Cow Design Hosting Plans come with enough email accounts for all of your needs. But how …

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