Design Phase

Design Phase

design-phase-300x139 Design PhaseWeb Design Methodology: Design Phase

Information organised from the Detail Phase gets converted into real world modelling. The goal of effective design is to communicate clearly and concisely. Good web design should lead a user through a process instinctively without the user having to ponder the different stages. Good design methodology is addressed from a web usability standpoint, it focuses on the function to be performed, and it is delivered in a polished and innovative manner that makes the web user want to come back for more.

An Iterative Design Methodology

All of our web designs are an evolution. They start with the creative seed and they finish with an engineering solution wrapped up in art. This design path is not always as straight forward as it seems. A succession of iterative steps is performed that introduces a concept to the client, then progressively becomes more and more refined and focussed so that the end result is spot on target to achieve the desired objectives.

Innovation and Focus

Although we are creating something new, we do not throw away the lessons from the past. Our methodology for the design phase draws on analysing the competitive nature of the target industry, the expectations of the profiled audience, and then focuses on the business need to be fulfilled. We then bundle it all together with creative innovation to maximise appeal, which is 100% unique and all yours. Our clients love this wholistic approach as it delivers far beyond their expectations and addresses their every need.

Once the Design phase is complete, we move on to the Development Phase.

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