Deployment Phase

Deployment Phase

deployment-phase-300x200 Deployment PhaseWeb Design Methodology: Deployment Phase

This is the Go-Live phase. All digital content from the previous web design phases is carefully checked and sent to the final destination. The final version of your web site is carefully copied to a private folder on the production web server where you have it hosted for final testing. When the new website has been verified, the client signs off on delivery and the web site is made live to everyone on the Internet.

Post Deployment Assessment

Time now to review the web design project and assess how well the stated objectives gained from the initial web proposal or the discovery stage were met. Usually we are met at this stage of the methodology with colleagues grinning ear-to-ear, competitors scratching their heads, and plenty of happy customers using the new web site. Through good methodology and good design we have never had a disappointed customer. By ensuring that we stick to our tried and true methods we don’t just meet the clients expectations, but we customarily exceed them!

QProject Effectiveness Analysis

For a few of our clients, we work with them to perform a more formal review of the projects effectiveness. This may include customer interviews, focus groups, usability studies and other measurement techniques. The results gained from this is so that the project can be rapidly adapted and tweaked to meet any newly discovered issues. This ongoing quality improvement initiative is an efficient method of making sure that our client’s internet marketing strategies are working as they were initially expected to.

One final thought …

We like what we do, and take care in every small detail that brings your new ‘baby’ to life. There are no shortcuts taken and we treat each new web site with the same care as if it was our own. Our philosophy is simply summed up as ‘Pride’. We want to be proud of what we create, and we want you to be proud of the success that our efforts achieve for you on the web. 🙂

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