Deliver Web Solutions not Web 'Products'?

Our Mantra

Deliver Web Solutions not Web ‘Products’?

our-mantra-300x245 Our MantraFlying Cow Design is a full-service design firm with a twist. We don’t deliver products, we deliver solutions. Many of our competitors deliver solutions that don’t produce any value for the client. If a website is requested, then a website then they will build a website regardless of what you are trying to achieve with it. We understand you, if it doesn’t produce value for you, what is the point.

A Complete Approach

Best design is that which creates value for the client. And to create value, you must fuse multiple disciplines together to be effective. We blend the disciplines of design, marketing, human behavior research, and engineering, to create experiences that entice and captivate the target user.

Most of what we learn is done through the. We understand this. Therefore we draw on all of our resources to create solutions that captivate the subconscious, yet are focused enough to communicate clearly to the conscious layer. Since we have the disciplined design methodology and we have a complete understanding of the design objectives and the target audience, we are able to build, effective and innovative solutions that create real value for you.

Feet on the Ground

The design world is full of personalities. Some reputations are earned and some are not. We believe firmly that the success of our business is based on the success of what we do for our clients. What we produce is realistic. What we create for you is defined. Each step in the process adds value. Everything you need and nothing you don’t! We wont try and sell you a Superdome if all you really need is a Sun Umbrella!

Responsive & Trustworthy

Tired of hearing ‘We’ll get back to you?’. Trying to get hold of your ‘Designer’ for weeks and not heard a thing? Not us!

While others may be watching a match in the Superdome, or under that Sun Umbrella on some beach, we pride ourselves on being responsive and accessible to our clients needs. Bottom line, your business matters to us. You have placed your trust in us and we make sure we deliver on it, on budget, on time, on track. No fuss.

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