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Worldwide non-profit, RandomKid stands for "Giving"

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For Talia Leman, the founder of a worldwide non-profit - Radomkid, "Giving" was the main ingredient of success. The spirit of giving continues to grow for Talia and for RandomKid, through its website, recently designed and launched by Flying Cow Design. The website will now connect children and adults from around the world in a worldwide effort at giving to those in need. Below is an excerpt from the USA Today feature on Talia Leman and RandomKid.

A new breed of kids tries altruism on for size - USA Today

By Jessica Durando, USA TODAY

Talia Leman did not climb the corporate ladder like many other CEOs.

For the 13-year-old, who co-founded a worldwide non-profit called RandomKid, her recipe for success involved one main ingredient: giving.

"It's my fuel, it's my energy, it's my power drink. I love it," Talia says. "I just think when you see the impact you're making, it is incredible to see."

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