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RandomKid Works to Get Water to Children of African Villages

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RandomKid has been working to ensure children in villages of rural Africa get clean water. By selling bottled water in the cities of USA, students have been raising funds to ensure children in the villages of rural Africa get good, clean, healthy water.

Death of children from bad water is five times more common than death by AIDS. Trevor Field of Roundabout Outdoor has invented a merry-go-round powered water pump that would pump water as children play. Children in the US managed to raise funds to install one such pump in just six months -- giving a whole new meaning to child power.

RandomKid is a non-profit founded by Talia Leman, a teen philanthropic who has been using child power for making a difference from the tender age of 10. Now, with, designed by Flying Cow Design, RandomKid can connect to children from around the world for charitable causes.

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