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Web Site Types

To Educate, Pontificate, and Amuse..


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Web Site Types

To Educate, Pontificate, and Amuse..

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Web Site Types Explained

Now sure what features you want in your websites? Wondering, if you choose a certain type of web site what you will get, and what will be left out? Here is a quick guide to help you decide what you might need.

  Business Card Site Web Presence Brochure Web Site eMarketing Web Site ECommerce Web Site Dynamic
Web Site
Average Num Pages 1 3 3-5 5-10 >10 >20
Home Page
Contact Us Page  
Products & Services Page(s)  
Email Span Harvesting Protection    
Privacy Page      
Information Gathering
Database Backend        
Content Management System (CMS)      
User Logon & Personalization        
Target User Profiling      
Custom Graphic Design      
Simple Navigation System      
Full Navigation System        
Shopping Cart      
Section 508 Compliant        
Community Forums      
Notes: 1 3 5      


There are no hard and fast rules. Some features from one web site type could easily be incorporated into another web site type.

  1. Usually just information that would be someones business card.
  2. Usually an entry (home) page, a products and service page, and a contact us page.
  3. If you had a flyer or brochure. This would be the online equivalent of that.
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