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Domain Name Helper

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Domain Name Search

If you need help in finding the right domain name for you, we can help. Also choosing the best domain name for your brand can be tricky. It can be a very tedious job trying to search for a domain name that has not been taken. Flying Cow Design has technology that can automatically build hundreds of target domain names based on words that you supply; search the domain names and then report back which ones that have been taken.

So what do you do with your new domain name?

Park it

If you are not ready to create a website for it, or use it for your new email address (ie. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Then park it. This is usually provided free from whoever you are registered it with.

Use it for email

Having your new domain name means that you can now accept email at it. It will be personalized, unique and more professional than a Yahoo, Hotmail, or other temporary account. Get a web mail or email package or buy a web hosting package which usually includes email for your new domain.

Create a new website for it

Build it yourself or use a professional web design service. Tell the world what you have to offer or what is important to you. Need a web design quote?

Buy another Domain Name

Why? Well you might want to stop traffic going to other sites if your domain name was misspelled. We have done this. If you type in ('cows' not 'cow'), that will take you straight to ('cow' not 'cows'). It also might be a good idea to get if you have too.

Sell It!

Domain names can make great investments. Build a single 'For Sale' page and point your domain at that. Many such websites have been created just for brokering domain names. Who knows what you may get?

If you set up a new website yourself, make sure you check out our section on email harvesting protection to the stop spammers from getting all of the new email addresses from your website. If you don't want your new email address spammed from other sources, have a look at ways to prevent email spam.

Start your search today. Go to Domain Name Registration to reserve your domain!

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